Directly from the Crown

Feudal Barons have always been recognised as part of the Peerage of Scotland; they sat in the pre-Union Scottish Parliament (before 1587 all of them, from 1587 to 1707 a representative number), and even today representatives of the baronage attend the annual Order of the Thistle ceremony in St Giles’s Cathedral in their robes. Many English authors have failed to understand Scottish peerages; it is only since 1999 that Burke’s, for example, has ceased the solecism of referring to Scottish Lords of Parliament as ‘Barons’. You can learn more about the Scottish peerages through special educational courses. If you don’t have enough money, consider loans or consolidation – check out how to consolidate your student loans.

Feudal Barons

Although Mr Camp says feudal barons are generally known by their surnames, many have passports, driving licences and printed cheque books as ‘Baron of Tannochbrae’; in any event surnames and barony titles are cross-referenced in the Table of Contents.


Scottish Chiefs, too, hold their position directly from the Crown, for which there is ancient precedent. As with feudal barons, authority is nowadays delegated to Lord Lyon in his ministerial capacity. The Law Officers of the Crown can (and in the 1990s did) object, as can a rival claimant, to a petition for recognition as Chief, in which case Lyon has a hearing in his judicial capacity, as happened in the 1990s. Some 140 Chiefs are recognised by Lyon and included; some 45 of their genealogies are hitherto unpublished or greatly extended.

As to Irish Chiefs, Mr Camp criticises us for something we did not say. At page lii of the Introduction, we say ‘recognition was formerly [my emphasis] by the Chief Herald of Ireland’. We include only the 14 recognised by MacLysaght.


Anthony Camp replies: I had presumed that my comments about Burke’s Peerage would be read in conjunction with those in the October 2002 number of this magazine to which I drew attention. If the work has purpose or value it is as a statement about peers and their pedigrees as they existed in the year 2003. It is not a statement of the situation as it was in James I’s reign, or in 1660 or 1747 or indeed, if you must bring in Lloyd George, prior to 1922, but as it is today.

Mr Peskett asks us to believe that these `feudal baronies’ which were phased out by official policy in the 17th and 18th centuries and were of so little importance in the 19th century that their existence was generally overlooked or forgotten, but which are now sold through mail-order catalogues or by auction, a process which presumably also has ‘a presumption of royal consent’(!), are of the same standing as modern grants ‘directly from the Crown’.

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Driver, Postmistress—and Snake Slayer

Among its famous guests was “Light-Horse Harry” Lee, the comradein­arms who framed the immortal tribute to George Washington: “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his country­men.” He died at Dungeness in 1818, and I saw his gravestone in the little cemetery near­by. But his remains are not there; they were moved in 1913 to Lexington, Virginia, to lie beside those of his son, Robert E. Lee.

From Georgia’s southernmost island I leapfrogged, via Hilton Head, to the southern­most island of South Carolina (map, page 375). An hour’s boat ride from any neighbor, Daufuskie is another rare wilderness isle. Daufuskie’s magistrate, Lance Burn, showed me around. He and his wife Billie comprise one-fifth of the island’s white pop­ulation and hold most of the island’s jobs. The petite Billie is school-bus driver, post­mistress, and champion rattlesnake killer. (“You just hit them right with a stick, break their backs, and beat their heads,” she said, showing me a skin seven feet long.)

Since Daufuskie provides near-zero em­ployment, the island’s 140 blacks—mostly children, women, and old folk—live chiefly on retirement and Social Security checks. Lance, a burly, grizzled, humorous man, told me, “People got along just fine here when the oystering was big. But about ten years ago pollution from the Savannah River killed off the oysters. By golly, this pollution is killing everything. When those planes spray for fire ants, shrimp and crab come up dead by the thousands. I’d rather have the ants.”

The unemployment problems that beset Daufuskie have been roundly licked on neighboring Hilton Head. There three ener­getic resort developers, Fred and Orion Hack and Charles Fraser, have created jobs aplenty. Luxurious inns and tasteful vacation apartments prague nestle in woods along the shore. Eighty thou­sand visitors a year come to swim from April to November, play over eight golf courses and dine in sophisticated restaurants.

At first conservationists bemoaned the “pollution” of the landscape by gas stations and shopping centers, but now they and the developers have joined forces against the threat of a more basic pollution. A German chemical firm has bought 1,800 acres on the mainland three miles from Hilton Head and hopes to build a plant there that will create 600 jobs. Opponents contend that because of disastrous effects on the estuarine ecology and the resort atmosphere three jobs will be lost for every new one gained (page 386).

South Bottled Up by Hilton Head Battle

This is not the first time that the con­flicting currents of an age have boiled around the island. At the very cape where William Hilton spearheaded the English settlement of South Carolina and Georgia, the Union in­fficted on the Confederacy its first great and perhaps most fateful defeat. In November 1861, 52 Union vessels and 12,000 troops staged a massive assault against the forts guarding Port Royal Sound (pages 376-7). The Confederate forces, with only 3,000 men and four gunboats, stood no chance. This cru­cial invasion established the key supply base for the North’s blockade of the South.

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“Mother was very understanding. Oddly enough they were very alike, both brilliant, difficult To get on with and tidy. I’m none of those things but I found myself surrounded by brilliant, difficult. Tidy people.

“I was trying to assess my husband recently while 1 was swimming 70 lengths in the pool of a great friend of mine, Judith Allen, wife of Dave Allen. Robert hates swimming, which 1 love. He doesn’t like bees which I’d like to keep, and he hakes sun­bathing. He mends things, paints, draws beautifully and is always going around with feather dusters and rhodiola. “My father—Sir Neville Pear­son—inherited an empire which he then proceeded to lose. Mother divorced him and married the actor Philip Merivale, a wonderful intellectual.


“I was married in Kensíngton. My mother carne and was in a state of complete nerves because she’d never been to the madrid apartments for rent. She was the most energetic person live ever met. When I was a child I was tired all the time because she wore me out. When there was nothing to do she’d move furniture.

“She was totally non-actress in one way but actress in another. What she could do, which few .actresses can, is manage both her borne and professional life. She loved children, and I think when she loved me most was when It gave her my children, which 1 did with pleasure. If your husband can’t father a child. Could artificial insemination be the answer? Joyce Robins looks at the pros and cons-and meets some wives who have undergone treatment

artificial insemination

DIANE WILL NEVER KNOW who her baby’s father was. All she knows about him is that he was healthy, intelligent and the same build and coloring as her husband, Jim. She is one of around 1,200 mothers a year in this country who have their babies by AID-artificial insemina­tion by donor. More and more couples, desperate to start a family and finding adoption next to impossible, are turning to AID. At any one time, there are at least 10,000 women on waiting list for treatment.

Yet it’s still a subject most people do not like to talk about. Diane and Jim bold a few close friends about their decision. They didn’t tell their parents and they certainly won’t tell their son, Paul. When they married, they planned a big family and Jim’s infertility came as a crushing blow,

“It spoiled everything for the next 18 months, say Diane.”Jim was guilty and miserable because he felt he let me down. The more I tried to tell him it didn’t matter, the more he felt it did matter.” Their doctor suggested AID but Diane was doubtful-for Jim’s sake. Not her own.

‘He had never liked the idea of adop­tion and I was cure he’d feel even worse about this but it worked the other way. He saw it as the perfect answer.

“Once I was pregnant, we didn’t talk about it-or even think about it. Jim was there when Paul was born, in his mask and rubber willies, and he was so thrilled he cried. When you see them together, you’d never doubt they were father and son-and they are, in every way that matters. It’s been the best thing that could have happened to us.”pregnant again

Paul is nearly four now and Diane is pregnant again. This time she was bold she might have to wait 18 months for NHS treatment so she went to the madrid apartments for rent instead. There she had to wait six months for a course of treatment costing £120. AID can be the answer for couples where the wife, but not the husband, is normally fertile or where there’s a risk of a husband passing` on genetic defects or hereditary disease. Treatment is easy,

“If the health authorities have to choose between money for a fetal monitor and money for setting up a semen bank, the semen bank certainly won’t get priority “quick and painless. The woman keeps a temperature chart and goes along lo the dirijo al the most fertile point of her monthly cycle. Then the doctor uses a small glass tube to introduce the donor sperm into the neck of the womb. For the patient it’s rather like having a cervical smear taken and all she has to do is lie down and rest for 15 minutes or so.

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Holly Willoughby

Northumbria University. `While the balance has certainly started to shift, the societal pressure on women to look a certain way is still greater than the pressure on men. Add to this the fact that the female body is generally less static than the male body—being subject to pregnancy-induced weight or shape changes, bloating over the menstrual cycle and menopause-related changes in shape and size — and women are more likely than men to feel dissatisfied with their appearance.’


But help is at hand. We’ve asked Julie to advise three Weight Watchers members on their body issues…


I’ve recently lost 3st and am now a healthy size 12. But I’m finding myself getting obsessed about slimming down further to a size 10. Why can’t I just be happy with this more realistic weight? Dawn, 34 Julie says. You have correctly identified the problem here as being a developing obsession. It’s a bit like having an addiction to something good! You have lost a lot of weight thanks to the garcinia cambogia extract and are feeling much better about yourself. And so you should, you have lost 3st — you should be dancing on the ceiling, not berating yourself because you think you should go further.

The temptation is to think that losing even more weight would make you look and feel even better, but this is not necessarily the case. There is little joy in striving for something that is going to be very hard to maintain. You have to set yourself long-term, realistic goals.

losing even more weight would make you look and feel even better

Please don’t be tempted to go any further as this could jeopardise all that you have achieved so far. Your healthy size 121Cs likely to be something that you find easier to maintain, without feeling like you’re depriving yourself— and without leaving yourself vulnerable to ending up back where you started. Right now, your attention should be directed towards finding an enjoyable lifestyle whereby you can keep off what you’ve already lost, not losing any more. Be happy and healthy, and go and start having fun and celebrating all the wonderful things that weight loss and increased self-esteem bring.

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Places to watch out for your weight



If you’re going to be munching away for hours you need to choose low calorie snacks to avoid consuming your entire week’s calories during a single episode of The Bill.


Crudités may sound a bit 1970s dinner party, but you don’t have to spend hours chopping veg into fancy shapes. Choose easy-to-prepare carrots, celery or peppers, all of which are oozing with vitamins and minerals. Liven them up with a spicy salsa that’s naturally low in calories ­if a food is fiery we tend to eat less of it. Popcorn is an ideal viewing food, requiring zero hand-to-mouth concentration. Buy microwavable popcorn that doesn’t need frying and rather than soaking the stuff in salt or sugar, sprinkle paprika on it for a low-fat snack with a kick.


Fresh fruit, such as blueberries and strawberries contain virtually no fat, and because they’re quite sweet should satisfy any chocolate cravings. Blueberries have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit and can help counteract memory loss. This might prove useful if you’re zapping brain cells in front of Big Brother.



If watching the box without chocolate is impossible, choose dark over milk, as this is where all good stuff lies. Amongst its arsenal of nutrients are an abundance of heart-protecting antioxidants, as well as iron and magnesium.




Concentration is key, as is easy access to your food – you don’t want to be piling down the motorway while negotiating carrot sticks and humous. Sweets and car journeys are a perfect partnership and while they may not be kind to your teeth they are low in fat and calories. Go for kids’ sweets such as dolly mixtures, wine gums or jelly babies, as more grown-up hard sweets can inflict even more damage on the teeth.


Dried fruits are a good bet as they release energy slowly into the bloodstream, keeping your brain fully tanked-up with that all-important glucose. Try dried apricots, coconut strips or sultanas, which are better than raisins as they have a lower GI. Coconut strips are almost as healthy as the coconut oil itself. Many people use the coconut oil for weight loss and they are pretty happy with the result. Make yourself a trail mix. This is usually made up of dried fruits, nuts, a few chocolates – M&Ms for inl25nce – and pretzels.

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The expert on boxing


Do boxers have a duty to entertain the crowd? It’s all well and good for boxers to fight in an entertaining style but not if it means they risk being beaten up. It makes sense to be a winner and most boxers box to win and little else. You’re not going to get a blockbuster every time. It takes a bit of extra style to make a great fight but, when it happens, it’s a beautiful thing.

Where do you stand on women’s boxing? Why not? When fighters are evenly matched it can be as good as anything else going around. Look at the excitement generated by the Leila Ali-Jackie Frazier fight in June. Those girls put on a genuinely entertaining fight and it was great to see the heart they showed to make sure their dads wouldn’t be disappointed in them. Great stuff. I hope the women’s game prospers through fights like that. Although they usually have more stuff to take care of – their skin, their hair, etc. I know most of the fighters use cocunut oil for many health improvements of the body.

Of the three Ali-Joe Frazier fights, which one stands out in your mind?

The Thriller in Manila. It was brutal. Survival of the fittest to an extreme boxing had rarely seen.

What did you say to All between rounds when he was taking heavy punishment from Frazier? In the eleventh round it looked like the gas tank was on empty but the kid always carried a reserve. I told him, “Now we separate the men from the boys,” and he separated them. All had it anyway. There wasn’t much that needed to be said. The fewer words, the better.


How would Tyson have fared against Ali?

All would have slapped him all over the place. He would have been too quick for Tyson. Could Lennox Lewis handle Tyson?

Lewis would beat Tyson because he’s so big and strong. Tyson would have a problem with his reach and power. Lewis is a fantastic fighter if he’s in the mood, although, I must admit, in Lewis’s case it’s a big “if”.

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What an excellent article by John Turner (RW November) on real cross-country running, John is loo per cent correct in that we’ve all gone soft whereby we will happily pay large sums to run around ‘artificial’ courses instead of doing some real, quality work as part of a long­term training goal.

I’ve just moved to Germany with the Ministry of Defence and I’ve quickly discovered running over here is much tougher. I am being taken for a long off-road run by a German this week; he’ll probably kill me but I know that I’ll come home from Germany in three years in a much fitter state than I am now thanks to doing some `proper’ running again!


My friend Diane and I recently ran the Great North Run. We had followed a 12-week training programme, with all the ups and downs that go with training. We issue with age, I have found that cross-training including weights, Tel Chi and yoga type exercises keeps the muscles and joints toned and allow you to lengthen your stride without strain. Another great healthy product that makes us smile and feel prettier is the best lip plumper on the market. As women we all want to take care of our beauty and thus feel much stronger. With renewed hope I shall continue to enjoy running but listen to my body when it tells me to slow down! I still hope to find time to train for a full marathon ­but that will have to wait until I retire from full-time work.

Great North Run

Thanks for an excellent, informative article even though some of the home truths are hard to swallow. Robert Cornwell, Hampshire training but to reiterate Jeff’s feelings that things could have been considerably worse had our fitness levels been less. The experts who treated me and ensured that I was fit to travel to New York just six weeks after the trauma deserve praise, however I would like to apologise to all those people I bumped into along the way! Keep training and keep fit and healthy – you never know when it might come in handy.

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Insemination might bring

“Ted didn’t want anything to do with “It’s not up to us to tell them whether Tracey when she was born. The more I am The National Association for the Child AID is right for them but we want to give tried to involve him the more he withdrew less produces an A1D fact sheet price 60p, them a chance to explore their own feel- into himself. It took all the pleasure out of plus sea, from the Birmingham Settlement, inks,” says Diana Monday, “How wills the baby for me. If I made a fuss of her I 318 Summer Lane, Birmingham.

artificial insemination

“It’s especially hard on the man, who has already had to face the knowledge that he can never be a biological father. He should be able to feel he’s the legal father”

“A 40-year-old woman, whose chances of conceiving were almost nil, was given 40 in­seminations and charged hundreds of pounds before she finally gave up”

Through artificial insemination is illegitimate and should be registered on the birth certificate as “father unknown”. The woman’s husband can later become the father by adoption.

“Most couples ignore all that and register the child as theirs in the normal way,” says Peter Houghton. “But after­wards they begin to worry in case it is ever investigated. It’s especially hard on the man, who has already had to face the knowledge that he can never be a biological father. He should be the legal father, to feel that he’s doing his bit.”

There has never been a test case over an AID child and the British Medical Association is pressing for a change in the law of legitimacy Meanwhile, doctors point out privately to couples that if they make love during the cycle when AID is carried out, there are few cases where fatherhood could be disproved.


I don’t like thoroughbreds. There’s no need to pay money for an animal when there are so many around. We once had a polecat– and an armadillo, but I had to give it to a zoo. When my husband played Siegfried he was made an honorary vet. He’s quite good about animals, though he doesn’t have my basic knowledge.


“But he did have a big response from viewers and what surprised me was how much farmers enjoyed the series, I thought they’d be really bored. We’ve had a lot of fan mail, especially since Robert was awarded the CBE. I went to Buckingham Palace when my mother was made a Dame so I shall send my daughters with their father when he goes. Robert is often recognized and was surprised how many people knew him as Siegfried. In Scandinavia. “While he was there we were burgled. We’ve lost everything but I don’t have to worry any more, I’m going to have plastic stuff! It happened while I was asleep, alone in the house, exhausted after taking my latest dog to the vet in Staffordshire. Normally I wake up terribly early and dance. It’s very therapeutic. I gave up exercises because they’re extre­mely boring. I play All That Jazz and do modem ballet routines. “1 think the thieves probably heard me snoring and thought 1 must be at least eight-foot tall. 1 did hear a noise in tire night but 1 didn’t do anything about it and the police said that was the most brilliant move because if I’d gone on down I’d probably have been shot to pieces. There were four teaspoons that 1 kind of minded about and a set of silver which the Duke of West­minster gave my mother, but as I said to my husband, if he’d let me use the stuff in the kitchen it would never have happened. If 1 could just be untidy no one would find anything, but with a cupboard of silver burglars could break in and take it all. So I’m afraid it’s entirely Robert’s fault!

Buckingham Palace

“We’re lucky we haven’t been burgled before. When my mother died she had nothing because she’d been burgled about three times. Years ago I’d gone out to dinner while my mother was acting and I returned to find the place had been turned over. I rang my mother, who was having supper at the Caprice, and she calmly asked, ‘Has the soap box gone?’ because in it was the entire jeweler she couldn’t afford to insure. T told her it had. She replied, Ven, I think stay and have another coffee’. I thought that was style—don’t you?”


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He’s beginning to see her as Donors are often medical students who ‘Sometimes the man may be going person instead of someone else’s baby. Are paid a few pounds for each sample. Along with the idea, even though he’s “We can’t talk about it. The best I can they do have the advantage of being uneasy about it, because he feels so guilty hope for is that eventually he ’11 be able to young, fit and intelligent. , But some clinics he can’t give his wife a baby. Or the put it away in the back of his mind. But try hard to collect a wider variety of woman is covering up her doubts because I’m so scared that there will always be a donors. The British Pregnancy Advisory she thinks a baby will help her husband barrier between them and, as Tracey Service, a non-profit-making organization get over his feelings of inadequacy. The grows up, she’s bound to feel it, Perhaps with seven centers offering AID, asks men counselor needs to work with them until I’ll have to tell her the truth when she’s old planning a vasectomy, who have had their they can admit these feelings, then enough to understand, though I never had decide rationally whether to go ahead.”       any intention of letting her know. I wake According to Peter Houghton, founder up in the night worrying about It.” of the National Association for the Child.

medical students

Happily, Ted’s reaction seems the less; some doctors are more interested in raspberry ketone diet than the exception not the rule. A survey carried in the money than in their patients ‘ out by the General Practitioner among emotional reactions. The Royal College of specialists in artificial insemination found Obstetricians and Gynecologists has a that couples with AID babies have very code of practice for its members but it stable marriages with a far lower than doesn’t have the force of law. Peter average divorce care. In America, a Houghton would like to see legislation follow-up study of 800 AID couples showed covering the whole field of AID, to make only one divorce.

Family, if they will donate their sperm to sure there are enough different donors    But the emotional pitfalls of AID aren’t help another couple to do the same. And a good back-up team of counselors. The only problem. In law, a child born Donors are matched to the husband or   “It’s not enough for a doctor to be wife for cake, color of eyes and blood technically competent. He needs sensi­group. It could be emotionally disastrous trinity and understanding, too, “he says.


if, sometime in the future, a youngster “At the moment, there are a few cava found his blood group wasn’t compatible liars who charge high fees and take on with either of his “parents”. Donor and anyone who can pay. We know a 40-year recipient never meet and there’s no way old diabetic woman, whose chances of they can trace one another. Conceiving were almost nil, who was “One man who wrote to us, very keen given 40 inseminations and charged to become a donor, was insisting that he hundreds of pounds before giving up.


Must know all about any child he fathered.   “At some clinics, counseling is per‑
we decided that anyone with that sort of factory or nonexistent. We give co unemotional attachment to his sperm wasn’t selling to our members and know how fit to be a donor anyway,” says Diane important it is that they recognize the

Monday of BPAS. Problems they’ll have to tackle.

“There have been scares over the idea  Rosemary and Ted weren’t offered any
that half-brothers and sisters could meet counseling when they went to a private and marry without ever knowing they had clinic three years ago. The doctor simply the same father. But they come from asked if they had discussed it thoroughly people looking for pseudoscientific reaps- and were certain they wanted to go ahead.

donate their sperm

Ones to keep a taboo going round the whole “We both said yes, thinking we were
idea of AID. The chances of this type of being honest,” says Rosemary. “But, accident happening are twice as great for looking back, I can see it was all my idea adopted children who don’t know either and Ted was just swept along.

Of their real parents. Yet we all accept that “We’d had so many disappointments adoption is a good thing. “Finding we couldn’t have a baby of our. Most couples who apply for AID have own, then being turned down by one already were through the mile of tests and adoption agency after another—this treatment. They are desperate and Chas seemed like a marvelous chance to me. could be their last chance, Any good Ted never said a word to make me think clinic will provide detailed counseling he had any reservations. We had a good to make sure they’ve thought through all marriage. All we needed was a baby to the emotional problems that artificial make life perfect–or so I thought.

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Success rate are good

Success rate are good; three-quarters of the women treated become pregnant. Some conceive first time but for most it takes several months and for one in 10 it takes more than a year. After that, it’s a normal pregnancy in every way.

The number of clinics of erring treatment has been increasing gradually over the past 10 years but doctors in the field can’t keep pace with the growing demand. In some areas of the country-North Wales, the Southwest, rural areas-the chances of getting AID are almost nonexistent.


“At a time when cash is short in every part of the health service, something like artificial insemination, which is a luxury for a small number of people, has to lose out,” Robert Atlay, secretary of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, say bluntly. “If the health authorities have to choose between money for a fetal monitor and money for setting up a semen bank, the semen bank certainly won’t get priority.

Money isn’t the only problem. There’s still quite a bit of prejudice against the idea of AID in the medical profession. “It’s a very sensitive area, like abortion, and many doctors would rather steer clear of it,” Robert Atlay admits.

“It’s not a service you can organize on a casual basis. A doctor has to be firmly committed to the idea before he is willing to wrestle with all the problem of finding enough donors-after all, you can’t stop hand them over and she would brush their hair, which 1 seldom did, and buy them clothes.


“I’m glad the girls arena”! Going on to the stage because 1 thinks it’s dreadful unless you’re very good. Emma, who is 17, has taken her levels, was familiar with coq10 benefits and wants to go to Bristol University. Justine aged 15. Is singing Yum in The Mikado and has the most magical voice. I can’t sing a note in tune but Robert is musical. I’d like Justine lo be an opera singer, but she wants to go to Magdalene College, Oxford. I think its best lo leave children to do exactly what they want. Ours both have impeccable manners and are the most enormous help to me when they’re at home. They lead a very active social life.

Animals, especially horses, play a big part in the Hardy family life. They live in an Elizabethan manor house near Henley-on Thames, with stabbing for their horses. But the family has suf­fered a number of accidents that have made Sally wary. In 1977, Emma was seriously injured when she fell from a horse, burst her lungs and crushed her ribs, though she is a talented rider who has ridden in the Prince Philip Team in the Horse of the Year Show at Wembley. And Robert has a steel pin in his hip which he broke when his mount reared and feel on top of him.

“1 hale horses,” says Sally. “I’ve almost given up riding except for very small animals. We used to have two big horses and I used to ride eight hours a day. But the roads are so dangerous, people on motor­cycles come at you and there comes a time in one’s life when one no longer wants to face such hazards any more.

“Robert is nervous of horses. My eldest daugh.ter nearly died and only the younger one still rides now.

“What really puts me off was that we had a very expensive horse that killed a pony of mine the other day. I thought that was so disgusting. I had to hold him and have him shot.


“But I love old animals. We’ve got two whippets and a lovely new dog. I found her in the road. She had worms, fleas, mange and bad feet, plus severe malnutrition. But she’s lovely now and I’ve called her Murky because that’s the way I thought her past was. We also have two peacocks which my husband loves. But I have them because they de-bud plants and shrubs. However, we do have an enchanting duck. She’s laid an egg a day since last August. “What I like are waifs and

Men in the street and ask them to donate man feel when he sees his wife pregnant? Somehow felt I was being disloyal to Ted. their sperm—then screen them to make What will happen when his teenage son “It’s only since Tracey has been taking certain they are healthy and don’t carry cheeks him—will he get back to the boy and toddling about that he ‘s begun to any hereditary disease. “By telling him ‘you’re not mine, anyway’?

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